Bolivian delegates support Cuba in international parliaments

La Paz, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian delegates to international parliamentary bodies on Friday condemned the inclusion of Cuba in the list of state sponsors of terrorism by the Donald Trump Government.

‘The United States has neither morality nor legitimacy to create unilateral lists that lack international recognition and whose only objective is to enforce coercive economic measures against nations that refuse to bow to its mandates,’ they said in a communiqué. The text was signed by legislators representing Bolivia in the Andean, Latin American and World parliaments, and in the Southern Common, Indigenous and Amazonian markets.

The text adds that Cuba does not sponsor terrorism, as proven by decades of international cooperation with dozens of countries around the world, including the United States, so it is recognized ‘as a sponsor of solidarity and friendship among the peoples of the world’.

They recall that Cuba is rather a victim of terrorism, which it has suffered for decades in its own flesh, as a result of terrorist acts organized, financed and perpetrated by the US Government or by elements operating from its territory.

The document points out that these terrorist groups are tolerated by the US Governments, and mentioned the recent case of the machine-gun attack on the Cuban Embassy in the US, so far unpunished.

The Bolivian legislators’ statement notes that Trump’s latest measure against Cuba has been rejected internationally and by US sectors, including parliamentarians in the House of Representatives and the Senate.


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