Bolivian association demands that US stop discrediting Cuban doctors

La Paz, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) The Association of Health Professionals Graduated in Cuba, based in Bolivia, condemned the smear campaign that the Government of the United States is carrying out against Cuban doctors.

We reject the immoral and smear campaign carried out by the US government against the generous and supportive medical aid that an honorable and respected nation is offering to the peoples globally, the Association emphasized in a statement.

The Association ‘firmly opposed US interference and efforts to attack and harass the Cuban medical cooperation under groundless excuses and for pure political purposes.’

This army in white coats have been on the front line fighting the silent and faceless enemy of Covid-19, the document said.

The group stated that ‘the enemies of the Cuban Revolution try to ignore this reality. They desperately continue their unsuccessful efforts to overshadow and obstruct -through aggressions- the noble desire of the Cuban collaborators to be international guardians of health and life.’

The text noted that ‘Cuba will continue sending doctors to the world and not bombs.’

For six decades, the US Government has maintained and tightened a strict economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, as a method to suffocate all its sources of income and encourage a social outburst.


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