Bolivia to reduce gender wage gap

La Paz, Nov 28 (Prensa Latina) Reducing the historic salary gap between men and women in Bolivia, mainly in the private sector, is now a priority for the Labor Ministry, the head of that portfolio, Veronica Navia stressed.

There are constitutional mandates that have remained pending even from previous steps, we have for example the reduction of the salary gap that by constitutional mandate will be processed from this office, Navia told Los Tiempos daily.

Another challenge for her is to promote the incorporation of women in labor and leadership spaces, which are still limited for this sector of the population and which is the objective of the struggle of movements linked to the Alliance of Social Organizations of Women for Depatriarchalization and the Democratic and Cultural Revolution, among others.

The official reported on the signing of Supreme Decree 4401 on November 25, which establishes in its first article: to promote measures for equal opportunities in access to employment, remuneration and equal treatment in order to contribute to the elimination of the wage gap.

Likewise, article two specifies that these regulations will be applied in state bodies; institutions that exercise control and defense functions for society and the State; autonomous territorial entities; public universities; public companies, and banking and non-banking financial institutions, among others.

Economic independence is an important aspect in the fight against physical, sexual and psychological violence against women, concluded the head of Labor.


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