Bolivia commemorates the triumph of the Cuban Revolution

La Paz, Bolivia, Jan 11 (Prensa Latina) – The unity, solidarity, and democratic vocation are  great principles and values of the Cuban Revolution, said the Bolivian vice chancellor, Maria del Carmen Almonds, during the celebration of the anniversary of the victory of 1959.

Almonds highlighted the resistance of Cuba in the face the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed for several decades by the United States.

“It is not possible to punish a people for the simple fact of having resolved to be free and take charge of their own destiny,” she said.

The Deputy Minister recalled that the Caribbean nation is a leader of the anti-imperialist struggle and of international solidarity with vulnerable populations in other countries.

In Bolivia, we have been able to eradicate illiteracy and reduce the pressing health problems, thanks to the Cuban solidarity and fraternal cooperation, he said.

The Chancellor said that the unity of the Cuban people has inspired political alliances and integration on the continent, such as the creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

Government officials, legislators, members of the diplomatic corps accredited here, Cubans and members of associations of friendship participated last night in the political cultural evening by the 59th anniversary of the victory of the Revolution, led by Fidel Castro.

Speaking at the event, the Ambassador of Cuba in Bolivia, Benigno Perez, recalled that the revolution eliminated illiteracy, racism, inequality and discrimination against women.

Reported that in 1959, Cuba had only three universities and today has 50, in which studied 230 thousand students.

Cuba has the lowest infant mortality rate in the continent, life expectancy at birth is 78.45 years and is the first country in the world to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV, he said.

In his words, the Diplomat highlighted the state of relations between the two countries and the coincidence in international issues, especially on how to deal with the problems that affect humanity

The Ambassador thanked everyone for their participation in the celebration of the anniversary of the triumph of the revolution, and I invite you to enjoy a brief concert.

The group Mom Gocha Yaku, the duos Twins, and black and white, and the soloist Juan Carlos Cordero delighted the present with Bolivian and Cuban pieces, among them La Guantanamera; Until always, Commander; it is freedom and that was Fidel. 

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