Blockade to Cuba Is Illegal, Unjust and Immoral, Bolivia Says at UN

United Nations, Oct 31 (PL) Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN, Sacha Llorenti,called on Wednesday the U.S. blockade against Cuba illegal, unjust and immoral and regretted this country”s refusal to end it.

Over 26 years, the international community has almost unanimously reaffirmed the need to end the blockade, however, one of the most powerful countries of the UN, a permanent member of the Security Council, refuses to fulfill the obligations inherent in its participation in our organization, said Sacha Llorenti.

The diplomat denounced that the economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained against the Caribbean nation for almost six decades is illegal because it violates the UN Charter and international law and is unjust because it affects its development, financial and banking operations, foreign trade and industry.

This unilateral policy is also immoral because it impacts on health, food and education, he added.

The Bolivian ambassador to the UN considered cynical the intention of the United States to distort the meaning of the resolution presented against the blockade, alluding to the fulfillment of the objectives of sustainable development and respect for human rights, aspects in which Cuba is an example for all humanity.

Bolivia’s representative at the UN called on the international community for action to denounce injustice once again and demand an end to the blockade.

‘It is time for this assembly and organization to enforce the decisions that their membership has determined,’ he declared.

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