Blockade on Cuba is a crime against humanity, denounced in Luxembourg

Blockade on Cuba is a crime against humanity, denounced in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, April 23 (Prensa Latina) The economic blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba becomes, in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, a crime against humanity, denounced this Thursday Christiane Tonnar, president of the association Solidarity Luxembourg-Cuba (SLC).

In statements to Prensa Latina, she warned that a policy of war aimed at exposing the civilian population to illness and death deserves no other qualification.

However, almost 60 years of siege have not been able to break the will of the Cubans to resist, even though no other country has faced such a long and unjustified blockade, she said.

According to Tonnar, there is a lot of misinformation around this issue, and a lot of people think that the hostile measures have been alleviated or even lifted, not knowing that in reality with Donald Trump’s administration the opposite has happened, its upsurge.

Regarding the solidarity of Cuba, expressed by these days through the presence of hundreds of doctors in dozens of nations affected by Covid-19, she said it shows once again that a better world is possible.

The fact that Cubans are willing to give their lives to save others on foreign soil gives them big prestige, said the member of SLC, an organization founded in 1994.

According to Tonnar, in front of Covid-19 the association launched a fundraising campaign among its 500 members and donors, which in a very short time managed to raise 18 thousand euros.

This money,’ she said, was sent to Cuba to support the work of the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), a center with which SLC has been collaborating since 2017 and which is currently on the front line of the battle against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic.

‘But we didn’t stop our work there, as we submitted a request for emergency assistance to the Luxembourg Ministry of Cooperation and continued the fundraising campaign with a view to buying respirators, which are key equipment for dealing with Covid-19’, she added.

Tonnar insisted that the difficulties Cuba has in buying the respirators ratify the inhumane nature of the blockade imposed by the United States.

A few days ago, the news was released that the island was unable to access respirators previously supplied by the manufacturers Imtmedical AG and Acutronic, acquired by the U.S. company Vyaire Medical Inc.

‘Unfortunately, the corporate guideline we have today is to suspend all business relations with Medicuba’, argued the two Swiss-based suppliers.


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