Blockade on Cuba also Affects Food Sector

Havana, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) The technical director of the food group of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Silvio Mora, stated the blockade has a considerable impact on Cuba”s food in areas such as product conservation and transportation.

In a dialogue with Prensa Latina, Mora explained that because of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States, the import of fundamental products for the population is becoming more expensive and must often be made from distant markets, adding to this the cost of equipment to conserve them.

The island cannot acquire products in the United States, so it must manage them through third countries and in markets such as Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, Uruguay, China, Spain and Portugal, he said.

These are items which could be procured in the northern country at lower prices and with lower transportation costs; however, successive Washington administrations restricted access to that market.

According to Mora, one of the cases illustrating the effects of the blockade is pea, a grain produced in the United States but imported from Canada only twice a year due to the cost involved.

A few days before the UN General Assembly votes, on October 31, over a new draft resolution to end the blockade, numerous denunciations arise inside and outside Cuba to demand an end to Washington’s policy.

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