Blockade of Cuba a Human Rights Violation, Says La Jornada

Mexico, Nov 2 (Prensa Latina) The US blockade of Cuba is a violation of human rights and a collective punishment against the people of the Caribbean nation, says an editorial published in the newspaper La Jornada on Friday.

The article noted that for the twenty-seventh consecutive year the United Nations General Assembly condemned the Washington-imposed blockade of Cuba, which violates international law.

In this regard, it emphasized that the resolution approved at the UN, which demands an end of the blockade of Cuba, was approved by 189 countries ‘and the only two votes against it, as last year, were from the United States and Israel.’

While the voting was taking place at the UN headquarters in New York, President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton, was in Miami announcing new sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, the article noted.

La Jornada added that ‘stirring up the outdated hostility against the Caribbean island and exacerbating xenophobia against migrant workers, especially Latin Americans, is a stubbornness that shows how far the White House is from respecting human rights and the purposes of respect for international law and cooperation that should rule global affairs.’

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