Belgian MP praises Cuba’s solidarity in healthcare

Brussels, Jan 30 (Prensa Latina) Belgian parliamentarian Kurt De Loor on Saturday praised the international solidarity shown by Cuba in healthcare for six decades and its contribution to the current fight against Covid-19.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, De Loor deemed the Cuban Henry Reeve Medical Contingent worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, for their role in fighting against the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the response given since their creation in 2005 to diseases and disasters suffered by countries in various continents.

‘Even though they do so for humanitarian reasons, it is time for international recognition. It may seem strange that a small Caribbean island sends medical teams to stricken areas around the world, including in capitalist nations, but the reality is that Cuba has been doing so for almost 60 years,’ noted the senator for the Socialist-Different Party (SP.A).

De Loor is one of more than 20 federal and regional legislators from Belgium who petitioned the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the peace-related prize to the Henry Reeve Brigades.

The member of the Flameco Parliament regretted that few in Europe know about Cuba’s solidarity work, which has been shown for so many decades in the face of hurricanes, floods and other disasters, as well as in the Covid-19 health crisis.

‘You hardly hear or read anything about it in the Western media, although Cuba has already sent its sons and daughters to 160 countries. They fought Ebola in Africa, and helped victims of Hurricane Stan in Guatemala, floods in Bolivia, a tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and the current pandemic in Italy, just to name a few missions,’ he said.

According to De Loor, the campaigns from the United States to discredit the solidarity work of Cuban healthcare professionals are disrespectful to the international community.

Those actions are part of the strategies against Cuba, a country that has been under the US financial and economic blockade for 60 years, a policy with a severe impact on the life of that nation, he told Prensa Latina.

For the parliamentarian, the trajectory of the Henry Reeve Brigades since their creation in 2005 and their contribution to the fight against Covid-19, represent more than enough arguments to award them the Nobel Peace Prize.

Those teams of volunteers, trained in disaster relief and contagious disease control, have assisted some four million people in 45 countries. Is there any country in the West with such a record? he wondered.


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