Baracoa, First Cuban City, Starts Recovery After Heavy Rains

Baracoa, Cuba, Jan 9 (Prensa Latina) After more than 24 hours of continuous rainfall, the meteorological situation of this municipality in the northeastern corner of Cuba improved today, which facilitated the start of recovery work.

Officials from the Management Center for Risk Reduction in the territory (CGRR) informed Prensa Latina that the rivers resumed their course, except the mighty Toa that hinders the access to some communities, and there is still no way to the neighboring municipality of Moa, belonging to the province of Holguín.

The winter rains of recent days caused an accumulation of 182.2 millimeters of water and gusts of up to 62 kilometers per hour and moderate coastal flooding in the territory, according to official reports.

Work is being carried out on the recovery of the affected roads, the restoration of electric service and the cleaning of the areas surrounding the coast of Baracoa, where sea penetrations and waves up to three meters high impacted on homes and state installations and dragged debris, the source detailed.

The landslides in the area of Naranjal del Toa caused the total collapse of two houses and partial damage to others, while residents in this and other flooded areas that were safeguarded in safe places, will return to their localities as weather conditions improve, CGRR officials warned.

Although the sun warms and dries the streets of the city, the authorities of the territory maintain the vigilance over the riverbed, while basic services and food are guaranteed to those affected.

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