Attention to Special Education’s Students Guaranteed in Camagüey

educacion_especialCamagüey, Aug 21.- More than one thousand 900 pupils will integrate the special education enrollment in the next school year in Camagüey, where countless material and human resources are devoted to incorporate these children, adolescents and youngsters into the social and working life.

Mercedes Escuredo Olazábal, director of the Ministry of Education in Camagüey, said that the incorporation of blind and visually impaired students to the general education is a positive outcome.

The Master of Science expressed it is essential the support of the family to facilitate the entrance of these infants to schools from an early age, and to achieve a more effective formation work.

Escuredo Olazábal emphasized the need for raising teachers’ qualification at different levels to give classes that include the pupils disrupted by total or partial vision loss.

The educational attention to minors with learning disabilities or physical and mental illnesses moves towards the school integration in Camagüey, and it is sustained in the principles of equality, justice and social engagement defended by the Cuban Revolution.(Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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