Attacks on Cuban Medics are Associated with Salvadoran Extreme Right

San Salvador, Apr 20 (Prensa Latina) The Salvadoran union that hinders free ophthalmological care for people with limited resources has links with the far-right Arena party, transcended here.

This was reported by the Salvadoran Deputy Minister of Health, Eduardo Espinoza, when reviewing the attacks of the Board of Surveillance of the Medical Profession against Cuban aid workers of the Ophthalmological Center of San Vicente.

The Board denounced to the General Prosecutor of the Republic that Cuban physicians are exercising without permission, after changing this year the requirements to grant them to the specialists of the island.

In order to delay the obtention of permits by the Board, Cubans are given a short period to present their titles. They are professionals in the field and there is no doubt that there is a boycott against them, said Espinoza.

The official lamented the politicization of the case, because ‘some of the doctors who lead that movement are linked to the Arena party’, who considers that the work of Cubans affects their income.

Espinoza denied this justification, because people operated in San Vicente are of limited resources and do not have the money to pay almost one thousand dollars that it costs to operate each eye in private practice.

Since the beginning of the ophthalmological cooperation in Cuba, the experts of the island made almost 141 thousand consultations and some 23 thousand operations free of charge, impossible to pay by most of the population, denounced social movements in this country.

Before the inauguration of the ophthalmological cooperation project, in El Salvador there were only 175 annual surgeries of cataracts, pterygium and retinopathies and now they reach seven thousand 500 a year.


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