Atletico de Madrid mourns death of Cuban historian Eusebio Leal

Havana, Aug. 6 (Prensa Latina) The board of directors of the Spanish soccer club Atletico de Madrid expressed their condolences to the Cuban ambassador in that capital, Gustavo Machin, for the death of Eusebio Leal, the former Havana historian.

According to the Jit digital media, in the letter the members of the ‘colchonero’ club say they are dismayed by the physical disappearance of the man known as ‘Havana’s boyfriend’, who died here on July 31st.

In the text, the collective of the ‘red and white’ group affirms that with the his death, ‘a privileged mind disappears, capable of transmitting and making those of us who have had the opportunity to know him fall in love with the marvelous project of reconstructing history.

The letter is signed by Atletico de Madrid’s chief executive, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, who says he remembers with deep nostalgia the occasion when he met Leal in Havana.

Gil Marin, who was visiting the Cuban capital at the time to support the development of football, says he was impressed by the way Eusebio was able to link the institutions with the people and history.

In this regard, he subscribed that Leal ‘did it like no one else, helping us to understand the past, present and future of the Cuban people.

Since then, Gil Marin confessed that he had the feeling of being before a reference point, ‘with someone in love with the country that gave him the opportunity to fulfill himself in life.

The display of admiration and respect for Atletico de Madrid towards the former Havana historian, confirms the strong ties that united Eusebio Leal with the Iberian country, where he was congratulated with several decorations.

One of them is the Grand Cross of the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Carlos III, the most distinguished civil recognition granted by Spain, which was presented to him here by King Felipe VI during his visit to Cuba last November.


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