Argentine Documentary Film Shows Women’s Epic Role in Cuba

Havana, Dec 14 (Prensa Latina) ”Cubanas, Mujeres en Revolución” (Cuban Women, in Revolution) is an Argentine documentary film that shows through interviews, situations and historical views women’s participation amid great sacrifices in 60 years of revolutionary life on Cuba.

In their responses to the filmmaker Maria Torrellas, workers, educators, students, farmers, artists, athletes, directors and professionals from various spheres describe how the revolution empowered women in Cuba.

They talk about citizen, social, family and individual rights won, how far they have advanced in work and professionally, and some sketch out what is still to be achieved.

In Latin America in general, ‘ women are in a second reality, relegated the vast majority, however in Cuba are not only in the first reality, but are active protagonists in it, owners of their destinies’, said Torrellas after presenting his work produced by the Latin American Multimedia Summary.

The Cuban Parliament is the second legislative house in the world with more women, with just over 49 percent women; moreover, these are 54 percent of all professionals on the island holding posts that enjoy equal pay with men, while laws and resolutions enshrine their rights, the film highlights.

The film is a song about a feminine epic within a revolution, which evokes hopes in particular for the Latin American women, said the documentary filmmaker.

In Argentina,’ she said, ‘it was the most watched documentary film of the year and it was presented successfully in several cities. It was also shown in London, Paris, in Brazilian cities where it will return in 2019, and ‘we are preparing to screen it in the United States, Lebanon and other Arab countries’, Torrellas added.

The filmmaker also presents five transcendental revolutionary leaders in Cuban history, beginning with Mariana Grajales, the Homeland’s Mother, who gave all her children to the independence war against the Spanish colonialism.

It also emphasizes four women who accompanied Fidel Castro in the hard guerrilla struggle in the mountains which led to the 1959 triumph and, later, dedicated their lives to fostering the social, intellectual and political revolution: Vilma Espin, Celia Sanchez, Haydee Santamaria and Melba Hernandez.

It also shows the daily heroines to the everyday woman who devotes herself with dedication as a mother, a worker, a professional to face the sacrifices that the severe economic, financial and commercial blockade imposes on the Cuban people.

‘That’s why the documentary is also a call to cease this hostile policy’, Torrellas affirmed.

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