Angolan President Highlights Cuba’s Selfless Support

Havana, July 1 (Prensa Latina) Angolan President João Lourenço has Monday highlighted Cuba”s selflessly support to his nation and others, mainly of the African continent, despite the economic, commercial and financial US blockade.

Regardless of the US blockade, Cuba has reached high levels of quality recognized internationally for education, health and scientific research, according to João Lourenço in his keynote speech on Cuban Solidarity with Angola, Africa and the World, given at the University of Havana.

Lourenço, on an official visit to the Caribbean island, stated that Cuban authorities with altruism and solidarity spirit, go on co-operating with the people who fight for their freedom and dignity by sending the best health professionals and teachers to different regions.

He considered the occasion to share with the assistants as special, mainly with university students, historical passages between the two countries in the southern region of the African continent.

He recalled the joint struggle of Angolan and Cuban troops for the ‘independence of Namibia, against external forces that sought to damage the sovereignty and integrity of Angola, and to put an end to the apartheid´s fascist regime in South Africa’.

‘South Africa is nowadays a region completely free of colonialism with democracy and a large economic and social development,’ João Lourenço said.


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