American Mastercards are said to be working in Cuba now!

Hi all, Just got the June issue of CA at the local bookstore. Most of the magazine is about visiting Cuba. It’s not just about cigars, but about hotels, restaurants, music, art, and so forth, with recommendations on where to go and what to ear. I am going to post another note on the boards to alert people to at least see this beautiful issue of the magazine.

The most interesting article for me was about American MasterCard credit cards .I quote page 68:

“American MasterCards began working in Cuba on March 1. The company “removed its network block on U.S.-issued card transactions in Cuba as of March 1, 2015,” says MasterCard’s Jennifer Stalzer. “Since that announcement, we’ve worked with our U.S. issuers to support their Cuba-related activities and decisions.”

“Despite the changes, Stalzer counsels that an American traveler to Cuba should reach out to the bank backing their card to make sure it will work.”

I am going to check this out with our Mastercard bank and I’ll let you know what they say.

Posted by Francie Fuhrel, trip advisor

May 3, 2015

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