American Choir Conductor Welcomes Festival in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Joel Knapp, conductor of the Concert Choir from Edwards Ville University, Illinois, expressed satisfaction for participating in the 31st International Choir Festival of Santiago, which will take place until next Sunday.

Knapp said that this is the second time that the Choir takes part in the Festival. The Choir performed for the audience during the Festival in 2011, and all members were overwhelmed by the force of choral music in Cuba and particularly in Santiago de Cuba, where this type of music enriches its roots.

Joel Knapp also confessed how the city impressed him, following the recent celebration of its 500 anniversary, which meant a significant boost to its cultural development with the opening and renovation of many of its institutions.

The American conductor announced that members of the Concert Choir will perform a repertoire that includes Latin American and Cuban songs, which they hope will please the audience.

He also said that the choir members will meet with students of the Esteban Salas Conservatory and informed that the Concert Choir will perform with the Coro Madrigalista, the oldest choir in Cuba, at the Simon Bolivar School and the Universidad de Oriente, among other places.

Knapp is confident that the process of normalization of relations between his country and Cuba will open new and wider possibilities of exchange and rapprochement between both countries and affirmed that many Americans are interested that this process is undertaken in an expedite way.


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