Ambassador to Serbia highlights relevance of health system in Cuba

Belgrade, May 9 (Prensa Latina) The good organization of the health system in Cuba has made it possible that the country can fight the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus effectively and with good results, and can provide medical assistance in other regions of the world, Cuban Ambassador to Serbia Gustavo Trista del Todo said.

During an interview with Radio Belgrade, broadcast on Saturday, Trista del Todo noted that all this work to save lives is done in the difficult conditions of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade, exponentially increased by the Donald Trump administration.

The Cuban ambassador added that this policy extends its power to the fight against the novel coronavirus by preventing the arrival in Cuba of medical supplies provided by institutions from other countries, the delivery of mechanical respirators, and makes strenuous attempts to hinder Cuban medical teams from assisting other states in need.

The diplomat recalled that the United Nations General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved for more than two decades the resolution against the US blockade to his country, systematically ignored by all US administrations.

Trista del Toro said that the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in Cuba is relatively low compared to the size of the country, and doctors say that everything is under control and in the right direction, although it is still early to declare a victory.

The diplomat denounced the smear campaigns and concrete actions by Washington to hinder Cuba’s humanitarian efforts to contribute to healthcare in the most remote places of many countries worldwide.

Regarding relations between Cuba and Serbia, Trista del Toro highlighted on the radio station the mutual support between the two countries expressed in the international arena in the non-recognition of their government to the self-proclaimed independence of Kosovo province, and the support from Belgrade to the resolution against the blockade.

The diplomat described bilateral relations as very good, and one result of this is the visits of the two most recent Serbian presidents to Cuba to underline that they can only be better in the future.


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