Amazon Lands Norma Percy’s BBC/Arte Documentary ‘Cuba: The Revolution And The World’

Fidel Castro

By Jake Kanter – DEADLINE May 19, 2020

Amazon Prime has taken the U.S. rights to BAFTA-winning filmmaker Norma Percy’s two-part BBC and Arte documentary on the history of Cuba.

Cuba: The Revolution And The World tells the story of how Fidel Castro and his compatriots changed the world, speaking to those involved in the country’s history, including Cubans, Russians and Americans.

Arte Distribution closed the deal with Amazon for the Brook Lapping and Temps Noir mini-series, while a host of other territories have also picked it up, including Hong Kong (TV HK), Latin America (Fox Latin America), Italy (Sky Arte) and Denmark (DR). CBC/Société Radio Canada pre-bought the show in Canada.

Cuba: The Revolution And The World has already premiered on Arte in France and will be broadcast by the BBC in the UK as Cuba: Castro Vs The World.

Percy said: “It’s a fantastic story of how, for 30 years, Fidel Castro used arms and money from the Soviet Union to send Cuban forces across continents to change the world.”

“We got all those at the heart of the story – Presidents, Prime Ministers, spies, revolutionaries – to take us behind closed doors to show us how Castro came up with new ways to undermine his powerful neighbour.”

Cuba: The Revolution And The World is executive produced by Percy for Brook Lapping, and Serge Gordey, Martin Laurent and Tancrède Ramonet for Temps Noir. Delphine Jaudeau and Mick Gold are the directors.

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