Almost 200,000 Venezuelans Join Youth Employment, Education Plan

President Nicolas Maduro announced the youth employment plan as a part of the broader We Are Venezuela Movement. | Photo: REUTERS

Participants will have access to credit and loans through a newly created Youth Bank, allowing access to economic resources to develop enterprise.

Continuing efforts to address the needs of vulnerable populations in the midst of an economic crisis, approximately 198,000 Venezuelans have joined the Chamba Juvenil plan one week after its launch by the Bolivarian government, President Nicolas Maduro said Friday.

The plan is intended to enroll Venezuela’s youth into productive study, education, and work, raising livelihoods as well as strengthening efforts to diversify and develop Venezuela’s economy beyond oil.

“The goal was to place 200,000 young people into study and work initiatives,” President Maduro said.

Proposals will be put forth this year by the National Institute of Training and Socialist Education to form various productive fields to employ the youth and bolster Venezuela’s various economic sectors.

Enrolled participants also will have access to credit and loans through a newly created Youth Bank, allowing for young people to have access to greater economic resources and the ability to develop their own enterprises.

The employment plan for Venezuela’s youth is linked to the broader We Are Venezuela Movement initiative, which is a program launched by President Maduro with the intention of directly addressing the needs of the most vulnerable sectors of the population through the development and strengthening of social missions.

To initiate the plan, around 66 thousand volunteers held sessions in the streets of Venezuela in order to directly assess the needs and concerns of vulnerable sectors, so that suitable responses and measures can be implemented.

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July 1, 2017



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