Alliston playwright’s work shares Hemingway’s connection to Cuba

Playwright Brian Gordon Sinclair, author of Hemingway on Stage, was recently appointed as the Patron of the Ernest Hemingway children’s baseball team in San Francisco de Paula, Cuba.

The latest work from author and playwright Brian Gordon Sinclair brings to life the memories of an unknown part of Ernest Hemingway’s Cuban history.

The Homerun Kid, the True Story of Ernest Hemingway’s Baseball Team, captures the stories of “Cayuco Jonronero” or Oscar Blas Fernandez Mesa, an original member of Estrallas de Gigi, the baseball team funded and created by Hemingway, while staying in Cuba.“There’s lot of humour in the book, and there is a lot of joy in it as well. I would highly recommend it to people who like reading to their kids before bed, I know there are more than enough stories which would work perfectly,” said Sinclair.

The memories of the Homerun Kid (Jonronero translation) were able to shine a light on the soft side of Ernest Hemingway, and allow Brian Sinclair to discover and relay never before heard details about Hemingway’s life in Cuba.

Cayuco remembers Hemingway as a kind, caring man, who created a baseball team to help show young impressionable minds that there are other things to be doing than stealing mangoes from his private residence, the Hemingway Estate.

Sinclair tries to capture that side of him through his words. The result is a collection of stories he says offers “an incredible moral lesson on learning how to be good, and sharing that lesson through the sport of baseball and under the guidance of a good-hearted older individual.”

All proceeds from the The Homerun Kid are for Cayuco and his family in Cuba.

Connor Marten, Alliston Heral
May 20, 2016

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