Academics from Germany show interest in Cuba’s educational system

Academics from Germany show interest in Cuba's educational system

Berlin, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) Academics from Germany have expressed interest in Cuba’s educational system and their desire to implement similar initiatives in their country and Europe, according to diplomatic sources.

Heiko Klanke, director of the Friedrich Bahrens Gymnasium, in the city of Schwerte, as well as professors Svenja Sens and Neda Nikpour, took part in the Pedagogy 2021 meeting held online in Cuba.

The educators showed interest in achieving, through direct conversations and contacts, a ‘just and equivalent’ link between both countries.

The Friedrich-Bahrens Insitute carries out academic exchanges with the Jose Miguel Perez Perez Senio High School in Cuba, according to a video released during the meeting.

The pedagogues described as ‘very interesting’ the implementation of a general project on Cuba in the subjects of Spanish, geography, social science, history, music and technology.

The teachers put on an exhibition about Cuba, and at least once a year they organize a cultural night with Cuban musicians and school bands, the exhibitors said, according to apress release from the Cuban Embassy.

A group of Cuban teachers and students are expected to visit Germany this year, but the trip has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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