Abel Santamaria International Airport Ready for Increase in Operations

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 10 (acn) The Abel Santamaria International Airport in Villa Clara province is ready for an increase in operations this year including a JetBlue flight scheduled to begin on the 31st and which will be the first regular commercial flight to Cuba from the United States for over half a century.

Omar Andres Gil, Director of the air terminal told ACN that the training of the personnel is among the priorities to improve services.

The airport is also expected to welcome next month direct commercial flights of American Airlines.

Tourism has increased in this part of the country mainly due to the development of the Cayo Santa Maria complex which are important keys to the north of the province.

There has been over 281 people that has visited the region since January figure which has been surpassed by 14 thousand 600 compared to last year’s numbers.

The main markets are Canada, US, Latin America, Spain, Italy and Germany through important airlines like Copa.

Cuba is the only country in the world that prohibits its citizens from traveling as tourists due to the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island for over 50 years despite the reestablishment of diplomatic relations.

Surelys Pino, Sales representative at the Villa Clara airport explained that according to surveys carried out in 2015, 98 percent of the clients that use the airport services said they were satisfied.

The Abel Santamaria airport began its operations on December 23rd, 2001 and received several investments with the most important in 2006 aimed at expanding its services and facilities to welcome a higher number of airlines.

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