A vote for Rubio is a vote for the rich and powerful

To the editor:

Rubio continues his devotion to those who fund him – Big Sugar, Bush, CADF, and the party. He continues to support the anti-immigrant, racist Trump. He would vote to return Cuba to the rule of dictators controlled by crime bosses, big corporations and gambling bosses.

He has done little for the people of Florida, absent more than 60 percent of the time from Congress. When he does vote, he votes for rich and powerful and not for the people. Never mind the suffering of people both in Cuba and in America.

Cuba is moving forward, controlling its destiny with the help of a Democratic president. American corporations anguish at not making profit from this.

Fidel often talked about how his family was treated by big sugar, which controlled more than 90 percent of the tillable land in Cuba prior to the revolution. The post revolution has been tough but times are changing. And most Cubans can look forward to sharing in the wealth and not as in the pre-revolution days when rich got richer. Things will continue to improve if Cuba can avoid the debt of colonialism.

I think it is summed up well by what JFK said after his talks with Fidel, “Cuba is not your little whorehouse 90 miles away.” I am sure these were the words of Fidel.

I can’t imagine the conversation was similar when he talked with Richard Nixon in Washington.

Cuba, Florida, America and the world will be better when we except a free Cuba. And rid our selves of Marco Rubio.

“Viva Fidel”

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers

cape-coral-daily-breeze.com, November 4, 2016

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