70 Venezuelans Return to Homeland From Colombia

Venezuelans immigrants returning to homeland.

A group of 70 Venezuelans returned from Colombia as part of the Return to Homeland Plan by Nicolas Maduro.

Nov 18 (teleSUR) The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry reported that a group of 70 Venezuelans residing in Colombia returned to the country Saturday as part of the Plan Vuelta al la Patria (Return to the Homeland Plan).

The Plan Vuelta a la Patria aims to support Venezuelans who emigrated to different countries but wish to return to their own country. The plan promises education, work, the social and economic prosperity of the nation.

This week another group of 95 Venezuelan migrants returned to the country from Ecuador on Thursday.

The foreign ministry made the announcement of the returnees on Twitter and posted pictures of the voluntary return of the 70 Venezuelans from Colombia.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Cancillería ??@CancilleriaVE

| Arriba al aeropuerto internacional de Maiquetía vuelo de @LAConviasa proveniente de la República de Colombia con 70 venezolanos que escucharon el llamado del Pdte.@NicolasMaduro y han decidido retornar voluntariamente a su Patria para seguir luchando

With the return of 70 Venezuelans from Colombia, there is now a total of 9,623 people returned to the country with the help of the plan, promoted by the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

According to the estimates of the government, 6,663 came from Brazil, 1,102 from Peru, 1,014 from Ecuador, 395 returned from Colombia, 186 from the Dominican Republic, 171 from Argentina, 91 from Chile and one from Panama.

“I have ordered the activation of an airlift based on the Return to the Homeland Plan to bring back all the Venezuelans who have registered and who want to come back to their beloved land. There is a campaign of hatred, persecution, and xenophobic contempt against the people of Venezuela. A global campaign headed by spokespeople of the United States making declarations against the people of Venezuela accusing us of migrating, and creating a scandal,” Maduro said early September.

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