5 Recipes to Make While Dreaming of Cuba

Today: In honor of the lifted travel bans from the U.S. to Cuba, we’re dreaming up a Havana-inspired menu.

When the U.S. restored its relations with Cuba late last year, lifting some of the travel bans that prohibited Americans from flying into Havana, we started dreaming of paladares serving boliche, tamales with sofrito, and caldo gallego.

But it might be more than a year before we can enjoy the Caribbean breeze while sipping a mojito or Cuba libre in Santiago de Cuba. While Americans can now travel without a license from the Treasury Department, it’s still tricky to book flights. If you’re still waiting to book your Havana Airbnb, bide your time by cooking up some of these Cuba-inspired recipes:

Maricel E. Presilla’s Cuban Avocado, Watercress, and Pineapple Salad by Genius Recipes


El Presidente by Erika Kotite


Cubano Mixto by Amanda Hesser


Cuban-Style Grilled Chicken in Adobo by thirschfeld


Persimmon Mojitos by kangarhubarb


By Leslie Stephens, FOOD52

April 20, 2015





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