#1Mayo: There is no force more powerful than unity

April 30 (Cubadebate) On November 18, 1959, Fidel stated “… Given its power, given its triumph since January 1, May Day has become a powerful factor, decisive in the political life of the country, because, with the general strike called with the Rebel Army, it was the working class that delivered the final blow to plans to snatch the people’s victory at the last moment, as they had done on other occasions …”

And on April 30, 2009, “We hope that every May Day, thousands of men and women from all corners of the planet share International Workers day with us… Not in vain, long before January 1, 1959, we proclaimed that our Revolution would be a Revolution of the humble, by the humble, and for the humble. The successes of our homeland in the spheres of education, health, science, culture, and others, and especially in the unity of the people, are being demonstrated, despite the ruthless blockade.”

Fidel Castro

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