About this project:

The Cam Tourist – CUBA is a photographic ebook with a collection of 80 of the most scenic photos throughout Cuba, catching the essence of inspiring moments on a colorful journey.

“The Cam Tourist” is designed to be a series of books, featuring different countries around the world. We start with Cuba, because it’s one of the top travel locations for this year.

The Cam Tourist – Cuba will give you insights and impressions of Cuba and will inspire your photography, when you are traveling through this incredible country. Therefore I will give you the information often missing – detailed EXIF data, GPS coordinates and also helpful notes and information for each and every picture. So this is not only a neat coffe-table book, but also an insightful guide, which gives you all the information you need to create stunning photos by yourself.

Hi, I’m Henry. I’ve travel a lot and been to Cuba to capture the heart and soul of this country as well as the people living in it. With this book you can simply enjoy these beautiful pictures and let your thoughts drift away. But you can also use it as a field manual, a supporter and a friend to your photography, while traveling through Cuba. Let my pictures inspire you an your next journey!

My colleague and I came up with the idea of a photo book which not only holds the essence of an incredible trip in pictures, but a lot of valuable information about these photos as well. We finally decided, that the most practical format for readers would be an interactive ibook, for macOS and iOS, in which you can watch every photo in full view and zoom in as you like. And details, like notes from Henry or the GPS data, are just one fingertip away.

iBooks is running on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. You can easily browse through the pictures, search the book for keywords and add your own notes and ideas. And as a matter of course it works offline.

Setup iBooks
The iBooks version gives you the most versatility and flexibility on how to view and manage information for each photo.

Setup printed photo book + PDF
For a better accessibility and to give you freedom of reading the book on the device of your choice we also will provide a PDF version. So you will be able to enjoy The Cam Tourist even on your ebook reader, laptop, tablet and your smart phone.

And of course we offer a printed version for those without the need of an electronic device. The printed version will have the same information and setup as the PDF version. But as you might imagine, the zoom in feature won’t work as good on paper 🙂  The size of the book will be travel friendly and easy to stow away, measuring approximately 4×6 inch (10×15 cm). And of course it will be a hardcover book, printed in high quality – Made in Germany!

With this book we hope to get you inspired, so you can start your own journey and bring home the best photos, you ever imagined.

See how it works
iBooks is designed to give you a great experience, while reading in an interactive, beautiful book. It’s super easy to use and has an intuitive user interface.

“Experience the most amazing books you’ve ever read. These books take advantage of everything you can do on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. […] It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And it’s something you won’t want to put down.” 

(Source: www.apple.com/ibooks)

Get connected with your maps app
We thought some of the most important information should be easily accessible. That’s why we linked the GPS information directly with a maps app. You can choose between apple maps and google maps, whatever serves you better.

But we also know about the often missing internet connection while traveling. So simply copy the GPS data and paste it into your offline navigation app of choice, like Scout®, here® or TomTom®.

option 1: find your photo spot in apple maps
Only a fingertip away is your opportunity to see the GPS location of the photo. Whether you decide to work with apple maps or google maps, you can easily save locations on the map, switch to satellite view, zoom in and out and locate other buildings and interesting spots in this area. But probably the most comfortable feature is the routing option. Go to the location of a photo and get guided by your device to find the exact photo spot. All working seamlessly together.

And with a single fingertip in the upper left corner, you get back to the iBook and the photo you were looking at.

Choose whatever serves you best. Get the digital copies to get a more interactive user experience and to have it with you wherever you go, as long as you have your iOS or macOS device. Get the printed book, which is signed and numbered, to actually feel Cuba and if you want to travel without the need of a digital device. Or simply support us and be part of our fun supporter collage, which will lovingly created.

Stretched Goals? We have them! Make sure to tell all your friends and colleagues so that we all, together, can unlock additional stuff for this great project.

We want you to get even more out of The Cam Tourist – Cuba. That’s why we have additional features and content that we would like to offer you. See our stretched goals below:

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Jörg on Deviant Art and his blog

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Risks and challenges
We’ve worked on this book for quite a while and figured out how to achieve the things we expect from this book. Once the project gets funded successfully it’s mostly the time table thats going to be chasing us. Because we want to deliver within the shortest time possible without compromising on quality.

Our partner for printing is close by and informed about the process. We have checked on print dates and quality, so that your postcards and books will keep up to the promise: Made in Germany!

So basically we don’t face many risks. As long as our homes don’t burn down to the ground or we die, we will be able to finish this project.

But let’s talk about YOUR RISKS! We want to deliver more books like this. We have ideas for at least 3 books to come, if this one get’s funded. We are talking about Iceland, Patagonia and New Zealand. So inform your friends and pledge the hell out of it, because otherwise we probably can’t realize these other projects as well.

Thank you for supporting.

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