Cuba makes progresses in recovery after Hurricane Ian

Havana, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is currently making progress in the recovery of the territories affected by Hurricane Ian, which caused severe damage to housing, agriculture, and power services in the country.

According to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, “there is still much to be done so that life can return to normal in Pinar del Rio and part of Artemisa provinces, but recovery is unstoppable, and everything will have to be better.”

At a meeting on Tuesday to assess the situation in the western territories affected by the hurricane, the head of State said that the focus of all actions must be taking care of people, families, and communities, the Cuban Presidency reported on its website.

He also stressed the importance of direct contact between local officials and leaders with the population and urged to speed up the distribution of resources for the affected people.

Diaz-Canel stressed the need to maintain and increase the sales of processed food.

Category Three Hurricane Ian hit Pinar del Rio province from the south on September 27, causing severe damage in several municipalities, as well as neighboring Artemisa, Havana, Mayabeque provinces, and Isla de la Juventud special municipality.


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Cubans living in Mexico send medicines to their compatriots

Mexico City, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) The Jose Martí Association of Cuban residents in Mexico today sent 100 kilos of medicines to their compatriots on the island, paid for with their own efforts.

Members of the Promotora de Solidaridad Va Por Cuba, made up of Mexicans, contributed in solidarity to the collection and purchase of various medicines, probes, syringes, HIV tests and antibiotics.

In this way the Cuban residents comply with one of the agreements of their recent XI National Meeting in the city of Cordoba, Veracruz where they confirmed their inexorable commitment to defend the sovereignty and independence of Cuba wherever they are.

They also permanently condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the government of the United States of America imposed six decades ago, intensified by the administration of Donald Trump, and maintained with that intensification under the presidency of Joe Biden, which violates international law.

The association once again recognized President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his countless signs of friendship with Cuba and his permanent condemnation of the blockade, and in particular his participation in fighting the fire at the super tanker base in Matanzas, and now in helping in the recovery of the great damage caused by Hurricane Ian.


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Cuba reiterates its willingness to talk with US

Washington, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reiterated his country’s willingness to talk with the US Government based on equality and mutual respect, according to an interview published on Wednesday.

In statements to journalist Rania Khalek, of the BreakThrough News, Rodriguez considered 2023 as a year for that additional opportunity because there is an overwhelming consensus on the benefits in the interest of both countries in the Cuban people, most of the US citizens and Cuban residents in the northern territory.

He emphasized that Cuba is a factor of stability in the region to prevent acts of international organized crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and terrorism.

The foreign minister also added that both nations share common territories in the Gulf of Mexico, are neighbors with a connection in environmental matters, and their peoples enjoy an influence and cultural relationship.

“There are no anti-American sentiments in the Cubans. The Cuban people maintain a friendly attitude towards the United States because they are aware of the difference between certain policies by the US Government and the essence of the soul of the US people,” he said.

Unfortunately against that desire, he pointed out, the economic, commercial, and financial blockade and its tightening with more than 200 measures implemented by former President Donald Trump are still in force and are part of the aggressive behavior against the Cuban interests.

He regretted Washington’s continuation of the hostile policy because, Rodriguez pointed out, the process that covers 2014 and 2016 is a solid demonstration of the possibility of a relationship that moves towards normality between the two countries.

He noted that despite those restrictions, some attacks on the Cuban Embassy in Washington, and the closure of services by the US Consulate in Havana in an arbitrary and discriminatory decision, there are some channels of communication, such as the positive migration talks, which are a significant issue between Cuba and the United States, the foreign minister added.

Rodriguez assured that in November, the international community will again vote almost unanimously at the United Nations against the US blockade against Cuba, which will mean an endorsement of international law, human rights, freedom of travel, respect for universal regulations for international trade, and free navigation.


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Mexico has hired 436 Cuban medical specialists

Mexico City, Oct 4 (Prensa Latina) Eighty-four Cuban doctors will arrive next week, for a total of 436 Cuban specialists have been hired so far, Zoe Robledo, director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), reported on Tuesday.

At President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s daily morning press briefing, dedicated as every Tuesday to health issues, Robledo said t Cuban doctors are working in 79 municipalities of nine states.

This official detailed they are working in Nayarit (92), Oaxaca (61), Colima (55), Campeche (54), Baja California Sur (30), Tlaxcala (26), Sonora (17), Zacatecas (10), and Veracruz (7).

For his part, Undersecretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell reported that Mexico has reached its lowest level of Covid-19 transmission.

He said the number of Covid-19 cases have been reduced in three months, the lowest level of transmission of the pandemic, and stressed there is also a reduction in hospital beds at 2.0 and 1.0 percent in general occupied beds and beds with ventilators, respectively.

He added there is also a decrease in daily deaths due to Covid-19. He also confirmed the start of vaccination against influenza and that, as every year, about 34 million doses are scheduled to be applied until March next year.


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US-based Cuba solidarity movement condemns destabilization attempts

Washington, Oct 4 (Prensa Latina) The United States-based No Embargo Movement (NEMO) condemned the destabilization attempts being promoted abroad against the Cuban people.

According to a statement, the subversion attempts seek to create terrible chaos in society, while seeking to take advantage of the difficulties faced by citizens, caused by Washington’s economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

The association made a call not to confuse the constitutional right to protest derived from nonconformities with allowing open conspiracies fostered from abroad against the Cuban people and its vanguard.

NEMO ratified his confidence that Cuba, as on other occasions, will emerge victorious from the current context, marked by the destruction caused by hurricane Ian in the westernmost part of the country.

On Monday, a Cuban television investigation provided evidence of structures financed by the United States to create disorder and chaos and fragment the unity of the Caribbean island.

The report presented the testimony of defendant Lazaro Garcia, who explained the functioning of the People’s Self-Defense (ADP): a guerrilla organization, made up of a War Council, which would provide logistical, financial and media support to people in Cuba and presided over by the terrorist Manuel Milanes. These actions are part of the permanent subversive campaigns to destabilize Cuba with the purpose of causing a regime change.


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La Jornada calls for President Joe Biden to lift U.S. blockade

Mexico City, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper on Sunday echoed a demand by U.S. activists to President Joe Biden to temporarily lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

Americans are asking President Biden to enable Cuba to receive necessary building materials following the passage of Hurricane Ian, which left serious material damages and two deaths.

The campaign is led by The People’s Forum Movement, based in New York, which made the request to President Biden in a leaflet included in the Sunday edition of The New York Times to set aside all policies against Cuba for “at least six months”, because “the Cuban people are part of our family, the human family”.

“The United States loses nothing by being a good neighbor and allowing Cuba to fully recover from this tragic moment,” the Mexican newspaper reported.

Complainants remind Biden that the same natural event that ravaged Florida and Carolina made also landfall on Tuesday in Cuba, and stressed that over 50,000 houses have been devastated or damaged; leaving considerable damages in U.S. territory.

It is inconceivable that at this critical moment the US blockade is being kept and a collective punishment is applied to an entire people precluding their government from receiving building materials or being aided.

The non-governmental organization added that the Joe Biden administration must act and pointed out that, despite the fact that the U.S. embassy in Havana has assured the law authorizes U.S. entities and organizations to provide aid and response in case of catastrophe, “it has been proved that it is not so easy”.


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¨Let Cuba Rebuild¨, claims U.S. activists

Washington, Oct 2 (Prensa Latina) ¨Let Cuba Rebuild¨ has been the call that a group of U.S. activists has claimed to President Joe Biden to lift hostile blockade imposed on Cuba, and to allow its recovery after the passage of Hurricane Ian.

From online platforms, Cuba´s friends recalled damages caused by hurricane Ian and urged the White House to make possible, even for coming six months, the purchase of building materials.

Peoples’ Forum movement managed a pressing statement in the Sunday edition of The New York Times reiterating to the US government that “it really needs to act right now to aid Cuba”.

The statement stressed that the economic, commercial and financial blockade precluded Havana from collecting the necessary resources as it is currently facing up major setback due to Ian which hard hit Cuba on Tuesday damaging power grid -leaving country-wide blackout ever-, destroying houses, crops and important economic facilities.

“Although the law authorizes U.S. entities and organizations to provide disaster relief and response, it has been proven that it is not so easy, as there are long and complex processes to receive licenses that often require costly lawyers,” the document stated.

Similarly, it pointed out how Cuba’s inclusion on the White House’s List of State Sponsors of Terrorism means that banks -both in U.S. and abroad- are reluctant to process any transactions, including humanitarian donations.

“It is inconceivable at this critical time to maintain the blockade and collectively punish an entire people,” the message remarked, while calling for Joe Biden to set aside the Cold War policy, “even if only for six months!”

“The Cuban people are part of our family, the human family,” it added, while insisting that “It is time to act!”.

Following Hurricane Ian’s passage, the People’s Forum Movement shared a link to a website to receive donations and contribute to Cuba relief efforts, as well as Bridges of Love solidarity project, focused on purchasing food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Early September, President Biden signed the extension of the so-called “Trading with the Enemy Act”, which extends the genocidal blockade and authorizes the president to impose economic restrictions through September 14, 2023.

According to Cuba´s Foreign Ministry (MINREX), this measure really ignores the world community’s rejection of that policy in force for over 60 years, “opportunistically tightened in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to destroy the Cuban people with hunger, disease and misery”.


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Cuban President visits province most affected by hurricane

Havana, Oct 2 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel returns to the western province of Pinar del Río, the most affected by the passage of Hurricane Ian, where the greatest recovery efforts are being concentrated.

Announcing his visit on Twitter, the Cuban president said that the ‘situation in that territory is difficult, the damages are considerable, more than 200 families have lost their homes completely.

But the people of Pinar del Río are not alone, #TodosJuntos saldremos de esta’.

He pointed out that the State Budget will finance 50% of the prices of construction materials, water tanks and mattresses sold to the population affected by the hurricane.

He also pointed out that the school year will restart in the territories affected by the climatic event.

In the institutions that have suffered damage, alternatives will be sought for our children and young people to return to the safe and calm environment of classes, together with their teachers.

#FuerzaCuba #TodosJuntos, the head of state expressed.


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Cubans living in Ireland show solidarity support after Hurricane Ian

Dublin, Sep 29 (Prensa Latina) Cubans living in Ireland on Thursday expressed their solidarity with the Cuban people who were affected by devastating Hurricane Ian.

According to a diplomatic source, members of the Cuban colony in Ireland made contact with Cuban embassy´s consular office to express their willingness to aid in any way possible.

In view of the logistical difficulties to send material aid to Cuba from Ireland, the Cuban embassy staffers shared with compatriots some details about bank accounts set up by the Cuban government to make emergency donations.


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CubaCoop makes first monetary contribution to support Cuba after Ian

Paris, Sep 30 (Prensa Latina) The association Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) confirmed a first shipment of 17000 euros to support the recovery efforts in the island after the devastating passage of Hurricane Ian through its western region.

On Wednesday, one day after the impact of the hurricane, the French organization launched an urgent call for solidarity with Cuba through donations, a call also made by the Coordinating Committee of Cuban Residents and associations such as Cuba Linda, Cuba Si France and France Cuba, and the Europe for Cuba channel.

We are aware of the situation the island is going through right now and of the importance of aid for its recovery, which is why we have decided to prioritize it, CubaCoop president Víctor Fernández told Prensa Latina, who recalled the activation in previous weeks of campaigns to support Cuba, such as the one launched in August in response to the fire in the industrial zone of Matanzas.

According to Fernandez, in the last hours new contributions of money were made, so he highlighted the response to the appeal made in the face of the severe damages caused by Ian in the western area and anticipated future shipments.

We are mobilized to support Cuba and this Friday we will carry out actions to expand the campaign, the president of an association that has been promoting projects for Cuba’s socio-economic development since 1995, said.

The island’s ambassador to France, Otto Vaillant, thanked Fernandez for the donation and acknowledged the solidarity and commitment shown by CubaCoop, the Coordinadora de Cubanos Residentes, France Cuba, Cuba Si France, Cuba Linda and Canal Europa por Cuba.

In their statements, these organizations regretted the human and material impact of Hurricane Ian and reiterated their denunciation and condemnation of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has imposed on the Caribbean nation for more than 60 years.


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